As an Academy, we are able to craft our own curriculum comprising the essential knowledge and skills which will ensure our children are going to be equipped for a future in modern society. 

Our curriculum is carefully planned and prepared to ensure the appropriate progression in knowledge and skills as the children move through our school. These have been drawn from the revised National Curriculum and incorporated alongside some aspects of our earlier curriculum which were very successful to form our current curriculum which we believe provides an exceptional experience for our children. We also liaise closely with both Charlton Kings Infant School and Balcarras to ensure that the children have one seamless learning journey through our schools.

Curriculum areas are taught discretely so that the children are aware of the individual knowledge and skills they are developing. We do also use a thematic approach to link subjects and ideas wherever they compliment each other as children learn best when they can make these links in their learning.

English and Mathematics are taught every day with the other subjects taught either weekly or in termly blocks.

Please look at our curriculum pages for each year group below to view or download further information on how we progress learning in each subject across the school.